Mobile Patrol

Mobile Patrols are an effective and efficient method to keep you site secure. Mobile patrols allow for rapid response to protects assets against criminal acts and maintain a safe and secure facility.
Mobile patrols can be used for various sites including Commercial building, Warehouses, Parking lots, Condominiums, Apartment Building, Construction sites and more.

Mobile Patrols are also equipped to conduct multiple services simultaneously including parking enforcement to save you money.

Why Choose Us?

Rapid Response Time

With mobile patrol vehicles all over Ontario, guards are able to respond fast and effectively to protect your assets. Torcon cruisers are strategically positioned throughout the province with secure vehicle tracking to keep clients informed and view live.

Alarm Response

Torcon Security mobile patrol responds to alarm disturbances quickly and effectively. Working with local partners and Police Services, allows Torcon Security to provide clients a worry free service.

Vacation Watch

Ensuring your residence is secure while on vacation is vital. Mobile patrols allows guards to respond quickly to any disturbance and prevent criminal acts. Mobile patrols also have to ability to monitor your residence from a marked patrol vehicle 24/7 for the duration of your vacation.

Deter Crime

Mobile patrols prevent criminal acts on you facility and ensure a secure facility. Preventing incidents before they happen can save you money and protect your property in the long run.